Back in Brisbane

I am no longer living in Toowoomba.  The job I started up there back in April 2014, and which initially seemed to be such a positive new direction for me, turned out to be not so wonderful after all, and after many months of stress and agonising over what to do, I eventually quit.   I could have stayed in Toowoomba and got another job, but the truth is, after more than a year living there, I had come to … Continue reading →

Resurrecting the Doghouse

I first started blogging in the doghouse back in 2011.  I’d just made a huge life-changing decision and embarked on a scary but exciting new phase in my life and I wanted to journal about my experiences with that. Those early posts were all about the trials and tribulations of starting my own business.  I cringe when I look back over some of them now, as I really had no idea what I was doing.  I was making it all … Continue reading →