Gone Bush

One of the great things about working from home and being your own boss, is that you can choose to do things on the spur of the moment. Last week, I decided to go camping. I used to go camping quite a bit, and have been on some pretty amazing road trips over the years, but since starting my business 5 years ago, I hadn’t gone on a single holiday!  It wasn’t until recently that I started to get itchy feet, … Continue reading →

Attracting Allies – progress update

bee on holy basil flower

A week ago I wrote about my plan to turn the front area of my veggie patch into a bird and bug haven. It’s a huge area – about 70 square metres and it was completely overrun with weeds. This is what it looked like after I had just started to clear the weeds and sowed some green manure in one section at the end: Well, I have been out there almost every day this week, digging up nutgrass and … Continue reading →

Taking time out

I don’t get out enough. Sure I go to the shops to get my groceries, or I go to markets when I’m running my Little Deer Studio stall, and occasionally when I get a shift at my museum job then I go out to work. But otherwise, since I moved back to Brisbane, it seems like I spend most of my time either in my studio working, in front of my computer working, or out in my garden (lately mostly … Continue reading →

Finch feeding

There don’t seem to be a lot of small birds around here.  Occasionally I see a Willie Wagtail or hear the chirrup of a wren, but mostly the huge colony of Noisy Miners we have here seems to keep small birds away. But we do have a big family of double-bar finches and every day they come to hang out in the tree outside my shack and eat the seed I put out for them. They are such gorgeous, fragile little birds. So delicate. And … Continue reading →

Attracting allies

mating ladybugs

In front of my veggie patch, outside the main fence, is another large area that was originally intended as extra veggie-growing space, particularly for crops such as melons and pumpkins that need more room to spread. It was a great idea in theory, but in reality, I found I really didn’t need so much extra space for veggies, and it was hard keeping up with the frequent watering, weeding and other work required to maintain such a large area, in addition … Continue reading →

The Summer of the Cowpea

cowpea green manure crop in raised bed

Henceforth, the 2015/2016 Summer shall be known in my garden as the Summer of the Cowpea. I have come to love this humble little plant in the past few months.  It may even be safe to say that I’ve become a little bit obsessed with it! When I first moved back here in September last year, my old veggie garden had been a bit neglected.  Mum hadn’t added any compost or other nutrients to the beds, and as a result, … Continue reading →

Back in the Patch

The single biggest factor in my decision to move back to this place was the thought of getting my old veggie garden back.  I’ve learned many things about what I want in my life these past couple of years, but the most glaringly obvious thing I’ve come to realise is how much I need my green space.  After living in a rented flat with no garden, I was going stir crazy.  In Toowoomba, I lived in a beautiful suburb within walking … Continue reading →