A week ago I wrote about my plan to turn the front area of my veggie patch into a bird and bug haven.

It’s a huge area – about 70 square metres and it was completely overrun with weeds.

This is what it looked like after I had just started to clear the weeds and sowed some green manure in one section at the end:


Well, I have been out there almost every day this week, digging up nutgrass and couch and cane grass, and laying down cardboard and straw mulch to make paths, and today I finally finished clearing the last sections!

It looks so much better now with all the weeds gone!

front-area-after-weeds-cleared-web I still need to finish off some of the paths, but the bulk of the hard work is done!

The plants nearest the camera in the photo above are comfrey.  I plan to have this end section (which is closest to my compost area) devoted to compost plants.  The white cage is protecting a yarrow seedling, and the one to the left of it is covering an arrowroot tuber that I’m hoping will poke shoots up soon. (need to protect all young plants outside the fence from the local scrub turkeys).  I’m hoping to get some more comfrey to fill the rest of this bed too.

Beyond that, you can see two beds I cleared earlier with a green manure crop already growing. I sowed green manure in the rest of the beds today too.  This will grow over the next few weeks and I’ll cut it down around late May / early June.  That way, it will break down over Winter and the beds will be ready for the main planting by the time Spring arrives.

The bushy plant at the far end is a holy basil (also called sacred basil / perennial basil).  It was planted years ago, and has done remarkably well in this spot, considering it never got watered or really cared for in any way!  it is a beautiful, amazing plant, which gets lovely purple flowers almost the entire year, and the bees absolutely love it (as you can see in the video below that I took today)!  It is a bit woody in parts now, and could do with a good prune, but otherwise is in good health and I intend to leave it there.

Overall, I am very pleased with my efforts and am hoping, if the scrub turkeys don’t trash it, it will now just be a matter of keeping on top of any weeds that come up.  My back and my knees will certainly be happy to know that I can take a break for a while now!


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