When Dad and I first built the veggie patch fence years ago, we designed it so a roof could be put on down the track if it was needed.  We weren’t sure how far we’d have to go to keep out our resident scrub turkeys.

The fence has been up for about 7 years and we never needed a roof in all that time, as it seemed the 2m high fence was enough to deter the turkeys and not once did they get into the garden.

Until last month.

I came out one morning and opened the gate to my veggie garden to discover two scrub turkeys inside.  One was up in one of the raised beds, scratching the mulch out over the edge onto the surrounding paths.  The other was strutting down the centre path with it’s neck craned high, looking around at the beds on either side, and looking for all the world like a kid in a candy shop!

scrub turkey

The Australian brush turkey (scrub turkey).  Some people hate them.  I actually love them but they can do serious damage to a garden and I’d rather keep them out of mine!


Well we knew that was the end of the turkey-free garden.  Once they had figured out that not only could they actually get over the fence, but that it was a veritable turkey paradise on the other side, there would be no way to keep them out.

Except to put on the roof.

So we spent 2 full days hoisting up sheets of reo-mesh and tying them down to the inner pole framework to create the roof.

scrub turkey proof vegetable garden

my new scrub turkey proof veggie garden


The roof has really changed the whole look of the garden, I think for the better.  The fence doesn’t seem so out of place now and I like the rusty colour.

I was a bit worried at first that the roof would not only keep out the turkeys, but also the smaller birds like the butcher birds and magpies (which I actually am happy to have around as they eat the grubs and grasshoppers).  But as it turned out, the butcher birds could get in and out with ease, and the magpies soon had it figured out as well.

As for the turkeys, I did see one of them a few days later standing outside the fence looking up at the top, but otherwise they haven’t been back so I think it has done the trick!



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