Thought I would share this tutorial here on the blog again as it seemed to have gotten lost in the move from the old blog

The process was so simple and so much fun, I thought I would share it with you.
Be warned though, once you discover how easy and addictive this is, you will find yourself wanting to cut up all the Tshirts in your wardrobe!



To start with, you obviously need a Tshirt.  But not all Tshirts are created equal and some are better suited than others to making yarn.

tshirt-startLook for Tshirts made from ordinary, or single-knit jersey fabric – this will be flat or slightly ribbed on one side, and pilled on the other.  This kind of fabric stretches easily, and will curl nicely when it’s cut.  Double-knit or interlock jersey (looks the same on both sides) will not curl, so you won’t get the same effect.

Ideally, you also want a Tshirt that has no side seams, but this is not essential.  If you use a Tshirt with side seams, as I have done in these pictures, you will just end up with yarn that has a seam across it at intervals.  If you intend to crochet or weave with your yarn, this will probably not be much of an issue, because the seam won’t be that noticeable.


So to begin, lay your Tshirt out flat on your cutting surface.

Start by cutting off the bottom hem.

Next cut across the Tshirt right underneath the sleeves.  You will end up with a rectangular tube.


Now with your Tshirt in the same position as the one in the photo above, take the bottom edge (one of the Tshirt’s uncut sides) and fold it up towards the top edge, leaving a gap of about an inch between them (see photo below)


Smooth out your Tshirt so it’s nice and flat and grab your scissors for the fun bit!

You need to make vertical cuts from the bottom fold, all the way through the doubled-up section, until just past where the top section ends.  You want to cut through the first top fold, but still leave a gap of almost an inch before the end.

How widely-spaced you make the cuts will determine the thickness of your yarn.  I prefer slightly thinner yarn, so I make my cuts about an inch apart.


You’ll end up with something that looks like a crazy hula skirt!


Now the tricky bit!

Slide your hand through the “skirt” so that the joined seam rests along your arm.

You need to make diagonal cuts now across this join, as shown by the red lines in the photo below.  This creates one long continuous strand of fabric.

Make sure you cut diagonally, not straight across, or you will end up with lots of short strips!

Cut diagonally

You should end up with one very long strand:


Pull on the strip lengthwise to stretch it out and it should curl in at the sides and get longer.


Now you have your yarn!

You can use this yarn to knit or crochet (for crochet you will need about a size 10 or 12 hook, depending on the width of your yarn). You can also use it for macrame, or to weave a rug.  You even use it to make funky necklaces!  The possibilities are endless.




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