DIY Tutorial: Make your own recycled Tshirt yarn

recycled T shirt yarn DIY tutorial

Thought I would share this tutorial here on the blog again as it seemed to have gotten lost in the move from the old blog The process was so simple and so much fun, I thought I would share it with you. Be warned though, once you discover how easy and addictive this is, you will find yourself wanting to cut up all the Tshirts in your wardrobe!   To start with, you obviously need a Tshirt.  But not all … Continue reading →

The most important ingredient

I thought I would share with you a slightly different side to my veggie patch. It’s not the prettiest area of the garden, but it is probably the most important – the compost area! Because I have such a big garden, I need a lot of soil to fill it, and the raised beds need to be topped up every so often.  I could buy a truck load of garden soil, and we have done that in the past, but … Continue reading →

In the Kitchen – Pasta Sauce a la Dyani!

vegan pasta sauce on plate of spaghetti

Here is another of my favourite dishes.  This one is my own original recipe, and has evolved over many years, originally based on my Mum’s classic meat bolognaise sauce that she used to make when I was a kid.  This one of course, is totally meat-free and tastes so much better than the plain mince-based one! It’s easy to make, tastes delicious, and is full of good stuff.  I use it as my fall-back recipe, my “no-brainer” cooking, for nights … Continue reading →

In the Kitchen – Curried Tofu & Vegetable Stirfry

curried tofu and vegetable stirfry

This is one of my favourite stir-fry recipes, that I’ve been making for years. I cannot for the life of me recall where the original recipe came from.  It is not in my current collection of vegetarian cookbooks, so I’m guessing I either came across it online or in a magazine years ago, or  perhaps it was tucked away in the vegetarian chapter of one of my meat-laden cookbooks, which I’ve long-since given away. If anyone recognises this recipe and … Continue reading →

DIY Necklace Stand Tutorial

handmade papier mache necklace stands

I made a couple more of these necklace stands today.  I need them for my market stall to display my handmade jewellery, but the idea struck me that they could look just as good on my dresser at home, as a way of storing and displaying my favourite necklaces. So I thought I would dig into the archives and pull out this DIY tutorial that I posted years ago, to show how I make them, in case anyone reading this … Continue reading →

Turkey-proofing the patch

When Dad and I first built the veggie patch fence years ago, we designed it so a roof could be put on down the track if it was needed.  We weren’t sure how far we’d have to go to keep out our resident scrub turkeys. The fence has been up for about 7 years and we never needed a roof in all that time, as it seemed the 2m high fence was enough to deter the turkeys and not once … Continue reading →

My Patch from Scratch

I thought I would share with you some pictures of how my veggie patch came to be – how we built the patch from scratch! My father and I built it 7 years ago.  We knew from the outset that it would have to be fenced to protect the garden from the local wildlife, particularly our resident scrub turkeys, and the fence would need to be high.  We also wanted something that was going to last and be an asset … Continue reading →

In the Kitchen – Sweet Potato Dhal

sweet potato dhal and naan bread

  This is what I cooked for dinner last night. It is a bit sweeter and less spicy than a lot of the dhal I’ve tried at Indian restaurants. This one is super-easy to make and tastes delicious!   Sweet Potato Dhal Ingredients: 2 cups red lentils (pre-soaked for a couple of hours) 1kg sweet potato, chopped into small cubes (this is an approximate measure – I generally just use 2 decent size tubers – you can use as much … Continue reading →

Gone Bush

One of the great things about working from home and being your own boss, is that you can choose to do things on the spur of the moment. Last week, I decided to go camping. I used to go camping quite a bit, and have been on some pretty amazing road trips over the years, but since starting my business 5 years ago, I hadn’t gone on a single holiday!  It wasn’t until recently that I started to get itchy feet, … Continue reading →

Attracting Allies – progress update

bee on holy basil flower

A week ago I wrote about my plan to turn the front area of my veggie patch into a bird and bug haven. It’s a huge area – about 70 square metres and it was completely overrun with weeds. This is what it looked like after I had just started to clear the weeds and sowed some green manure in one section at the end: Well, I have been out there almost every day this week, digging up nutgrass and … Continue reading →