When folks discover that I don’t eat any animal products, their first response is usually “why?” and that is closely followed by something like “what on earth do you eat?”

In response to the first question, for me the answer is simply because I refuse to be responsible for and contribute in any way to the horrific cruelty and inhumane treatment of animals that is widespread throughout all the animal-farming industries, including the dairy industry.

The second question always puzzles me.  What do you mean what do I eat?  I eat vegetables and fruits and legumes and nuts and grains!  So many different things!  But  it seems so many people have been brought up on meals which have meat as the main ingredient, that they find it hard to imagine a meal without it, and they don’t realise there is a whole world full of wonderful ingredients, tastes and textures available.

I have followed a vegan diet for 3 years now, and was vegetarian for 4 years before that.  I eat so much better now than I ever did as a carnivore. I have a lot more energy, and my immune system is much stronger than it used to be.  I do take a weekly B12 tablet but no other supplements, and my iron, calcium and other blood levels are all perfectly fine.  I have discovered delicious foods I never would have considered trying before, and I am never bored.  In fact, the challenge is not finding something to cook, it is trying to choose which recipe to try next!

So here, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite cruelty-free recipes, in the hope that it might inspire some of you to try going meat and dairy-free too, and for those reading this who have already adopted a vegan diet (YAY for you! xx) you might find some of these recipes become your favourites too.

In the Kitchen – Pasta Sauce a la Dyani!

vegan pasta sauce on plate of spaghetti

Here is another of my favourite dishes.  This one is my own original recipe, and has evolved over many years, originally based on my Mum’s classic meat bolognaise sauce that she used to make when I was a kid.  This one of course, is totally meat-free and tastes so much better than the plain mince-based one! It’s easy to make, tastes delicious, and is full of good stuff.  I use it as my fall-back recipe, my “no-brainer” cooking, for nights … Continue reading →

In the Kitchen – Curried Tofu & Vegetable Stirfry

curried tofu and vegetable stirfry

This is one of my favourite stir-fry recipes, that I’ve been making for years. I cannot for the life of me recall where the original recipe came from.  It is not in my current collection of vegetarian cookbooks, so I’m guessing I either came across it online or in a magazine years ago, or  perhaps it was tucked away in the vegetarian chapter of one of my meat-laden cookbooks, which I’ve long-since given away. If anyone recognises this recipe and … Continue reading →

In the Kitchen – Sweet Potato Dhal

sweet potato dhal and naan bread

  This is what I cooked for dinner last night. It is a bit sweeter and less spicy than a lot of the dhal I’ve tried at Indian restaurants. This one is super-easy to make and tastes delicious!   Sweet Potato Dhal Ingredients: 2 cups red lentils (pre-soaked for a couple of hours) 1kg sweet potato, chopped into small cubes (this is an approximate measure – I generally just use 2 decent size tubers – you can use as much … Continue reading →